Displaying chargers online
Control of the charging course
Utilization of chargers
Reliability of chargers

Displaying chargers online

The charger management system includes an online display of the original floor plan. This enables a quick and fast estimation of the current situation in the charging station.
Every charge position is symbolized by a charger and the connected battery.
Both objects chart their current state.
Further information on the charging state appears at a mouse click on the object, e.g.:
- Charging time and residual charging time
- Idle time (Time, since battery has been fully charged)
-Electricity and voltage
-Charging curve

Control of the charging course

Electricity- and voltage course during charging time (opt. additional temperature course)

The charging history determines significantly the quality of the battery charge. It affects the charging time, the uptaking capacitance and the temperature development with simultaneous protection of the battery cells. Older batteries show a different history of the charging graph; in this way the performance loss becomes visible.
Control your charging course of your chargers, because with the right charging course you can achieve:

- The maximum performance of the battery
- The evaluation of aged batteries

Utilization of chargers

A high utilization of chargers serves for the planning and construction as a guideline for the number and performance of chargers.

Charging data is recorded automatically during every battery charge. The evaluation of the utilization of important key data also forms part:

-Charging time until charging ends (Full battery)
-Idle time after charging ends (Time until full battery is disconnected)
-Uploaded capacitance until charging ends (until the battery is fully charged)
-Uploaded capacitance after charging ends (evitable energy)

The available analyses facilitate a quick and fast evaluation of the utilization. This provides an indication of the optimal stock of chargers.

Reliability of chargers

The economic operation in a charge station depends basically on an error-free working of all chargers.

Different charger types and manufacturers form the „hardware depot” of a charge station. All failure indicators of chargers are immediately and automatically displayed and saved. The saved data serves as a basis for an overview and comparison of the reliability of the chargers. Therefore appropriate analyses based on individual chargers or whole charger groups are available.